High Performance Systems Lab

Page address: http://cset.mnsu.edu/aet/facilities/highperfsyslab.html

High Performance Systems Lab

High Performance Systems Lab image

The primary function of the High Performance Systems Lab is to provide a clean workspace for the measurement of sensitive engine and suspension components. The key components of the lab are its three SuperFlow flowbenches, two of which are computer controlled. Various sizes of engine components can be evaluated using this equipment, from single cylinder Kart engines to Pro Stock cylinder heads.


The lab also includes a variety of engine measurement and blueprinting tools, computer camshaft analysis equipment, and a fuel injector flow test bench. In addition, a Roehirg computer-controlled shock dynamometer—the same one used by the NASCAR, IndyCar and all other major motorsports teams—allows students to measure the characteristics of shock absorbers to predict their in-use performance.


Finally, the lab houses the program’s vehicle data acquisition system. The system allows students to collect, display and analyze critical vehicle dynamic data through the use of sensors including lateral and longitudinal g-force, wheel speed, throttle angle, steering angle, suspension potentiometers, and infra-red temperature sensors.