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Advising Information

Our department feels that interactions between students and their advisors are important. The better we know you, the better we can help you reach your academic and career goals. Likewise, the more often you interact with faculty outside of class, the more informed you will be about the academic and professional opportunities that are available. Because of our interest in your success, you MUST meet with your faculty advisor prior to registering for classes each semester. Your advisor will provide you with a Registration Access Code at that meeting. This code is required to complete the registration process. If you would like more information about advising, contact our department chairperson or the Student Advising Center for our College

Need Help in Classes:

The course instructor has office hours and is willing to help tutor you. Can't make the office hours? Email the instructor and set up a special time.

Tutoring for some 100 and 200 level courses is also available at no cost to you through the Center for Academic Success

The Accessibility Resources Office  is to available help ensure equal access and opportunity for students with disabilities to programs and activities offered through MSU. The office also acts as a resource and referral agency for students needing additional services. To get more information, please visit the AR web site.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Student Poster AT URC Research on scientific problems expands your education and applies what you have learned to real situations. It looks great on your resume, too. Research can be arranged as either voluntary or for credit through Biology 499 (Individual Studies). Faculty have research projects geared to undergraduate investigators and will work by your side as you develop new skills. You also have the opportunity to apply for student grants for research and present your findings at the Undergraduate Research Center each spring or at regional and national meetings held throughout the year. Your research experience may lead to other opportunities for internships or research involvement at national training laboratories, such as Woods Hole Research Center.

Are you interested in becoming involved in faculty research projects, but unsure how to find a research opportunity? Visit our faculty and graduate student web pages to see the types of research our faculty are involved in. Talk to the faculty teaching your classes. Talk with your advisor. Talk with faculty you've heard about through other students. We are generally eager to discuss what we do in our laboratories, so arrange a visit.

Student Clubs and Activities:

Several student clubs meet in Biology. All students are welcome to participate. Clubs have assisted with Blood Drives, brought in guest speakers, taken trips to the zoo and raptor center. Watch for announcements about meetings for the following clubs.

  • Tri Beta Honor Society
  • Field Ecology Club
  • Pre-Dental Club
  • Pre-Med Club
  • Microbiology Club

Internships and Jobs:

Some internships are listed through MavJobs.

Some of the faculty are also associated with fields that have internships so be sure to visit with them for ideas

The Career Development Center is also a link for job opportunities. Visit them for information on resume writing, interview techniques, and other matters related to finding a job using your new skills.