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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Dr. Alison Mahoney

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Dr. Alison MahoneyAlison Mahoney


Professor; Ph.D.;
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Trafton S-271
Ph. (507) 389-2787



Students in my lab study closely-related plant species in the genus Packera (common name: ragwort). Standard environment transplant gardens both outdoors and in the greenhouse provide the setting to observe morphology and flowering time variability and hybridization within the genus.

As part of their research projects, students in my lab have collected and identified plants and preserved them for the MSU Herbarium. Such floristic work is vital because it allows us to assess the value of natural areas, monitor rare or endangered plants, and to track invasive species.

I teach General Biology II (BIOL 106), Plant Science (BIOL 217), Flora of Minnesota (BIOL 442), and Economic Botany (BIOL 445).


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    Dr. Alison Mahoney
    Department of Biological Sciences
    TS-271 Trafton Science Center South
    Mankato, MN  56001
    phone: 507-389-2787
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