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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Science Teaching

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Science teachers increase their students' understanding of our physical world and an awareness of our impact on it. They also provide their students the background necessary to continue their preparation for careers in science and technology.

The State of Minnesota grants science teacher licensure for grades 5-8 general science, 9-12 Chemistry, 9-12 Earth Science, 9-12 Life Science, and 9-12 Physics. Students earning a degree from MSU will qualify for two licenses (1) 5-8 general science and (2) 9-12 specialty.

Each major requires the 31 credit general core and a science emphasis that ranges from 27-35 credits of science and science teaching methods courses. In addition, the student must complete a 30 credit professional education component and the 3 credit Drug Education course.

A minor is not required for any of the science teaching programs; however, to broaden one's teaching opportunities, double majors are encouraged. For further details, the student should check with one of the science teaching advisors for an overview of available opportunities.