Geology Program

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                                               MSU students on a class field outing in the Black Hills


The MSU Mankato Geology program is designed to meet the learning and career needs of our students. Geologists are at the forefront of pressing environmental and resource issues.  In conjunction with the Earth Science program, we offer the B.S. Geology Option; more information can be found here.  Our students benefit from a strong Geology "core" program as well as affiliations with the Department of Geography (Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing), the Water Resources Program (water quality), Environmental Sciences, and Civil Engineering.  Graduates of the Geology program have been very successful in launching directly into industry or government careers or going on to graduate school. 

At MSU, you can explore:

  • Engineering Geology (making the earth ready for highways, buildings, bridges, dams, etc.)
  • Environmental Geology (understanding geologic hazards such as earthquakes, landslides, and the like, and protecting people from them)
  • Natural Resources Management (conserving and protecting land and water resources)
  • Resources Development (extracting building materials, water, metals, and oil/gas from the earth)
  • Teaching (sharing concepts and experiences with the next generation of Earth citizens)

If you seek more information about the geology program at MSU Mankato or want to "talk rocks", contact one of us on the "Faculty" page.