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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Mentors Program

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Welcome to the Construction Management Mentoring Program

CM-Mentoring Program

Students in the Construction Management program have an opportunity to participate in a mentoring program with an industry representative. The program is designed to make mentoring convenient for mentors and students, allowing participants to communicate periodically throughout the student's college career.Mentoring

The goals of the mentoring program are:

  • Give the student an appreciation of the day-to-day practice of construction and the role(s) that the student is likely to fill in his or her early career.
  • Improve communication; expected frequency of mentor-mentee contact – talk no more than once a month, meet once a semester.
  • Inform the mentee about industry trends and make this information a part of the preparation of the student's Plan of Study.
  • Serve as a networking opportunity.

Expectations from the Program

For the mentoring program to be successful, the expectations of the mentor and the mentee must be aligned. The following are some examples that help establish a common understanding of the program and its outcomes:

  • This program is an opportunity for the CM student to gain perspective from those working in the industry. For example, the nuances of interaction with construction professionals may be different from other professionals.
  • This program seeks to help the student plan the transition from academics to industry. For example, the mentor can share with the mentee the knowledge and/or skills that are lacking in new employees and job-seekers.
  • In some instances participation in this program could possibly lead to employment or internship, but the intent of the program is limited to facilitating the goals stated above.
  • Participation in this program is voluntary.

Career Exploratory Program

This program applies to Students in the beginning phase of their construction learning experience and/or those who may feel uncertain about their ability to follow this route in studying construction management. This program allows students to contact one of the listed mentors and ask few questions in one phone call or just one meeting about the future of this career.