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The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Technology (ECET) offers four ABET accredited undergraduate degree programs and a Masters of Science program in Engineering. All of our departmental degree programs strive to provide students with integrated lecture and laboratory experience and an appropriate balance of theory and application.

The ECET department strives to meet the needs of our constituents as we develop our educational programs. In designing our programs, we strive to meet the needs of:

  • Students
  • Both Public and Private sector employers
  • Graduate and Professional Schools
  • Professional Practice (Licensed Professional Engineers)
  • Internship with Employers

Student Graduation Data (Current for Fiscal Year 2013)

  • Electrical Engineering BS Degrees Conferred: 22
  • Computer Engineering BS Degrees Conferred: 5
  • Electronic Engineering Technology BS Degrees Conferred: 2
  • Computer Engineering Technology BS Degrees Conferred: 4
  • Engineering MS Degrees Conferred: 12

Student Enrollment Data (Current for Fiscal Year 2013)

  • Electrical Engineering BS Majors: 44
  • Computer Engineering BS Majors: 11
  • Electronic Engineering Technology BS Majors: 37
  • Computer Engineering Technology BS Majors: 41
  • Engineering MS Degree Students: 33

There are approximately 350 students (including pre-engineering, pre-engineering technology, engineering and engineering technology majors) pursuing engineering and engineering technology degrees within ECET.