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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Department Course and Research Laboratories

Principle equipment: Oscilloscopes, function generators, computers, analog & digital multimeters, counter/timers, signal conditioners, power supplies, breadboards, logic trainers, frequency counters, capacitor/inductor analyzer, R-L-C decade boxes, and printer.


Included in the laboratory area is a 200 sq. ft. R.F. screen room (Lindgren R.F. enclosure) and a 250 sq. ft. electro-optics lab.

Principle equipment:  Spectrum analyzers, logic trainers, power supplies, AM & FM modules (with oscillators, detectors, modulators, demodulators), oscilloscopes (100 MHz), digital multimeters, power supplies, counters, 20 MHz pulse and function generators, 5Hz-200 MHz network analyzer, S-parameter test sets, dynamic signal analyzer, noise figure meter, RF power meters, plus miscellaneous equipment and supplies.



Principle equipment: Rockwell Automation (8 stations) and Beckhoff Automation (6 stations) equipment.

-> 1756-L60M03SE 3-axes ControlLogix controllers
-> SERCOS Kinetix 6000 Servo Drives, 2094-AC05-MP5
-> Servo motors, TL-A120P-BJ32-AA and X-Y stage
-> Digital and Analog Input & Output, AC Input and Output, EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Relay, Counter, Temperature
-> PanelVIEW touch panel, Vision, photoelectric, limit sensors, switches and LEDs

-> CX5020-0112 controllers
-> Digital and Analog Input & Output, EtherCAT, Oversampling, Time Stamp, Thermocouple Input, Stepper Motor Terminal, DC Motor Output, Servomotor Terminal and Motor.
-> AC and DC motors, AC Drive, National Instruments signal conditioning units, data acquisition, and LabVIEW, Fluke portable oscilloscopes & multi-meters
-> PCB Piezotronics – accelerometers, torque sensor, sound meters, microphones, hand shaker
CoDeSys 3S Automation software on PCs and on  iMX53 with portable displays