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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

MS in Electrical Engineering

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Master of Science in Engineering

The Electrical and Computer Engineering and Technology department and the Mechanical and Civil Engineering department together offer a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) degree program. Students in this program may design their own program of studies by choosing courses from Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. The program is designed to serve the following:

  • Engineers in business and industry who want to continue their formal engineering education at the postgraduate level
  • New engineering graduates who want to increase their depth of knowledge and develop an area of specialization
  • Graduates from other related science and engineering disciplines who want to broaden their backgrounds by pursuing engineering studies at the graduate level

The program responds to the increasingly complex interdisciplinary engineering needs by frequent course content evaluation and by offering new courses in response to recommendations from our constituents. The MSE program strives to maintain applied research partnerships between education and industry. The ultimate goal of the MSE is to prepare Electrical and Mechanical Engineers for leadership roles in technology based industries.

Minimum Admission Requirements

1)  What is the GRE requirement?

International applicants and domestic applicants excluding alumni:

Old scale: quantitative reasoning concordance >= 700
New scale: quantitative reasoning concordance >= 155
No GRE is needed.

2)  What is the TOEFL requirement?

Paper-based: >= 550
Internet-based: >= 79
Computer-based: >= 213

3)  What are the minimum IELTS scores for replacing the TOEFL test?

Applicants from non English-speaking countries may also take IELTS test as a substitute for the TOEFL score. All four bands must be >= 6.5.

4)  What is the GPA requirement?

International applicants: >= 3.00 (education credential verification required as suggested in our graduate college website)
Domestic applicants: >= 3.00 (must graduate from an ABET-accredited university)

5)  What are the credit requirements to complete the MS Engineering degree at Minnesota State Univeristy, Mankato?

There are three options in the MS Engineering program:
First option: Thesis option.
Second option: Design project option.
Third option: Alternate plan paper option.

The first two options require 32 credits to graduate. The third option requires 34 credits to graduate. All courses taken toward the degree must be at the 500- or 600-level. At least half of the credits must be at the 600-level (not including EE 699 - Thesis credits).

6)  What is the cost of study for the MS Engineering program at Minnesota State University, Mankato?
In 2012, the per credit cost for tuition plus fees is $380.89. Total tuition plus fee cost is between $12,188 to $12,950 for 32 to 34 credits.

Annual room and meals cost is $7368 in the university dormitory.

If you live at dormitory, the total cost of study to get an MS Engineering degree is between $27,686 and $27,686. The cost for living off-campus need not be much different.