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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Mankato Branch


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IEEE Mav_Hacks Hackathon 2019

On Saturday, April 13th at 12pm, IEEE hosted a 24 hour coding hackacthon beginning with a introductory opening ceremony. We then ended the event at 12 pm on Sunday, April 14th. Our problem was to create an artificially intelligent connect four game that worked in 3D and not just one board. Each team's code worked against each other to win the connect four game. In the end, Samuel Gruber, Cody Beumer, and Davy Nguessan achieved first place and each won a DE10-Nano board. Also, Colin Roskos, Benazir Ali, Alex Arcuri, and Manish Shahi came in second place and each won a Raspberry Pi kit! Thank you all for participating and we are excited to have you participate next year with a new challenge.


Welcome New Branch Officers (2019-2020)!

CHAIR: Marcus Corbin

VICE-CHAIR: Mohammad Ilham Bhuiyan

SECRETARY: Aayush Thakuri

TREASURER: Mohammed Hasan


WEBMASTER: Tyler Schwab


CHAIR-ELECT: TBD (will be someone above)


Current Branch Officers (2018-2019):

  CHAIR: Jared Frazier |

  VICE CHAIR: Tyler Schwab |

  CHAIR ELECT & WEBMASTER: Marcus Corbin | Email:

  SECRETARY: Ilham Nur | Email:

 TREASURER: Nathan Czaja | Email:

 STUDENT OUTREACH: Nate Meyers | Email:


ADVISOR: Dr. Puteri S. Megat Hamari | Email: | Phone: 507-389-1274





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