Gas Driven Turbine

The Engaged in Thermodynamics textbook supplement is designed for use in engineering thermodynamics, and related, courses. It is based on the concept of Engineering Scenarios, where problems are presented in the context of real-world facilities. Engineering Scenarios are textbook supplements based on actual engineering facilities and equipment. They expand on the case study concept by including skills-based problems that can be used in place of traditional homework problems but written in the context of the real-world environment, as well as additional design problems based on design methods and actual solutions at real facilities. Accompanying supplementary and background information promotes increased inquiry-based or student centered learning, better addresses student real world expectations, and leads to an increase in overall student engagement. This material can be used to replace traditional textbook assignments or can be integrated in a variety of ways in the classroom.

Currently we are in beta testing mode for Version 3a of the material. The next ready to use in the classroom version will be out on August 1st (Version 3b). During the next year we hope to obtain feedback from site testers and student focus groups to continually update the material, with the next major revision expected on June 1, 2013. Version 4 will include additional Systems and Locations.

“Engaged in Thermodynamics – Textbook Supplement” is part of a project funded by the Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) program of the National Science Foundation (DUE-0536299 and DUE-0920436) entitled Development of Engineering Scenarios to Promote Student Engagement and Design in Thermodynamics Courses. Please contact the PI for more information regarding a solution manual for instructors wishing to use the website.

If you are interested in using the Engaged in Thermodynamics material in a course or becoming part of future assessment studies and workshops please contact the PI at:

Dr. Patrick Tebbe