Boilers are vessels that are used to create steam or heat fluids for various applications. (Image ref. [129])


Chillers utilize a vapor compression cycle or an absorption refrigeration cycle to remove heat from a liquid. The cooled liquid can then be used in air conditioning systems or to cool equipment. (Image ref. [129])

Cooling Tower

Cooling towers are used to remove waste heat from a process by releasing it to the atmosphere. (Image ref. [130])

Steam Turbine

Steam turbines are devices that use the energy from pressurized steam to create rotary motion. (Image ref. [129])

Gas Turbine

Gas turbines are internal combustion engines that employ a compressor, combustion chamber, and turbine to create rotational motion. (Image ref. [132])

Diesel Engine

A diesel engine uses the heat that results from compression to ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber. This combustion then causes the piston to move which creates mechanical work. (Image ref. [129])

Fuel Cell

Fuel cells use a chemical process to turn fuel into electrical energy and pure water. (Image ref. [129])