Gas Driven Turbine

This web-based “Engaged in Thermodynamics” textbook supplement is designed for use in both basic and advanced engineering thermodynamics courses. Using the concept of “Engineering Scenarios,” this supplement presents problems in the context of real-world, engineering facilities and equipment. Each scenario expands the concept of a case study by including skills-based problems presented in the context of the real-world environment that can be used in place of traditional homework exercises, and design-focused problems based on methods and solutions applied at real-world facilities. These supplementary materials facilitate inquiry-based and student-centered learning, respond to student expectations of real world applicability, and promote active student engagement. These materials can be used to replace traditional textbook assignments and/or can be integrated into classroom instruction in a variety of ways.

The subsequent version of this supplement, Version 3a, is currently being beta tested by site testers and student focus groups. The resulting feedback will be used to update the material for Version 3b, which is expected to be classroom-ready by August 1. A planned Version 4 will include additional system types and geographical locations.

“Engaged in Thermodynamics – Textbook Supplement” is part of a project entitled “Full Development of Engineering Scenarios to Promote Student Engagement and Design in Thermodynamics Courses” funded by the Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) program of the National Science Foundation (DUE-0536299 and DUE-0920436).

If you are interested in using the Engaged in Thermodynamics material in a course, would like to participate in future assessment studies and workshops, or are an instructor who would like information about a solution manual please contact the principal investigator (PI), Dr. Patrick Tebbe at