Minnesota State University, Mankato

The heating and cooling utilities plant at Minnesota State University, Mankato provides steam and chilled water for the 16 buildings currently on its campus. It houses back-up and stand-by generators to produce electricity in case of a power outage and during peak shaving periods. (Image ref. [129])

The College of New Jersey

The College of New Jersey owns and operates a cogeneration plant using dual fuel turbines which generates 90% of its total electrical consumption. The central utilities plant supplies steam and chilled water to approximately 95% of the campus. An Energy Star award winner for Combined Heat and Power technology, the college is a leader in energy conservation. (Image ref. [129])


Faribault Energy Park

Faribault Energy Park operates a gas turbine combined cycle power plant in southern Minnesota. This power plant was built to be a model of energy efficiency and is used to educate the public about sound environmentally practices. (Images ref. [130])


Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant

Monticello nuclear power generation plant operates a boiling water reactor (BWR) that creates 10% of all Xcel Energy' s upper Midwest power. This plant creates 600 MW for the surrounding area. (Image ref. [29])