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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Excellence Awards

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Each year the College of Science, Engineering and Technology calls for nominations for "Excellence Awards." Students are asked to nominate instructors for awards of excellence in advising and teaching, and faculty are asked to nominate fellow faculty for excellence in faculty research and outstanding support staff. We are proud to list our honorees here. Their names are also displayed on plaques in the south entrance to Trafton Science Center.

Nominations will be accepted in Spring 2017 for Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Advising. CSET Advising has adopted an online nomination process which be available this spring.

Excellence in Teaching (to be submitted by CSET students)
Excellence in Advising (to be submitted by CSET students)

Nominations will begin in Spring 2017. for Excellence in Faculty Research, Excellence in Faculty Service, and Outstanding Support Staff. Completed entries should be submitted to the CSET Dean's Office, North Trafton 131. Here are the forms:

Excellence in Faculty Research (to be submitted by CSET faculty and staff)

[DOC] Excellence in Faculty Research (30 KiB)

Excellence in Faculty Service (to be submitted by CSET faculty and staff)

[DOC] Excellence in Faculty Service (30 KiB)

Outstanding Support Staff (to be submitted by CSET faculty and staff)

[DOC] Outstanding Support Staff (32 KiB)


Excellence in Faculty Research

Excellence in Teaching

2015-2016  Dr. Mezbahur Rahman, Mathematics and Statistics  Dr. Tom Brown, Physics and Astronomy
2014-2015 Dr. Andrew Roberts, Physics and Astronomy Dr. Kuldeep Agarwal, Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering Technology
2013-2014 Dr. Bradley Cook, Biological Sciences Mr. Matthew Durand, Construction Management
2012-2013 Dr. John Krenz, Biological Sciences Dr. James Pierce, Physics & Astronomy
2011-2012 Dr. Laura Yin, Mathematics & Statistics Dr. Tim Secott, Biological Sciences
2010-2011 Dr. In-Jae Kim, Mathematics & Statistics Dr. Guanghsu Chang, Automotive & Manufacturing Engr/Tech
2009-2010 Dr. Stephen Druschel, Civil Engineering Dr. Aaron Budge, Mechanical Engineering
2008-2009 Dr. Mezbahur Rahman, Mathematics & Statistics Dr. Trent Vorlicek, Chemistry & Geology
2007-2008 Dr. Russ Palma, Physics & Astronomy Dr. Marilyn Hart, Biological Sciences
2006-2007 Dr. Brian Groh, Chemistry & Geology Dr. Deborah Nykanen, Civil Engineering
2005-2006 Dr. Richard Roiger, Computer & Information Sciences Dr. Steve Case, Computer Science
2004-2005 Dr. Christopher Ruhland, Biological Sciences Ms. Ann Goebel, Automotive & Manufacturing Engr/Tech
2003-2004 Dr. Paul Eskridge, Physics & Astronomy Dr. Penny Knoblich, Biological Sciences
2002-2003 Dr. Marilyn Hart, Biological Sciences Dr. Scott Fee, Construction Management
2001-2002 Dr. Penny Knoblich, Biological Sciences Dr. Sandy Schuster, Physics & Astronomy
2000-2001 Dr. Brock McMillan, Biological Sciences Dr. William Hudson, Electrical & Computer Engr/Tech


Excellence in Advising

Outstanding Support Staff

2015-2016 Dr. Jim Wilde, Mechanical and Civil Engineering Ms. Kate Voight, Biological Sciences
2014-2015 Dr. David Sharlin, Biological Sciences Ms. Larane Wahlen, MNCEME
2013-2014 Dr. Trent Vorlicek, Chemistry & Geology Mr. Kevin Schull, Mechanical & Civil Engineering
2012-2013 Dr. Youwen Xu, Physics & Astronomy Ms. Cindi Wenzel, Dean's Office
2011-2012 Dr. Brian Martensen, Mathematics & Statistics Ms. Bobby McFall, Advising Center

Dr. Christophe Veltsos, Computer Information Science

Mr. Jim Dickey, MNCEME
2009-2010 Dr. Namyong Lee, Mathematics & Statistics Mr. Rick Moore, Water Resource Center
2008-2009 Dr. In-Jae Kim, Mathematics & Statistics Mr. Tony Kopari, Biological Sciences
2007-2008 Dr. Danae Quirk Dorr, Chemistry & Geology Ms. Diane Wiley, Water Resource Center
2006-2007 Dr. Patrick Tebbe, Mechanical Engineering Ms. Mary Lou Getta, Dean's Office
2005-2006 Dr. Igor Kogoutiouk, Physics & Astronomy Ms. Skye Dauer, Mathematics & Statistics

Ms. Lois Anderson, Biological Sciences &
Dr. Marie Pomije, Chemistry & Geology

Ms. Mary Asher, Computer & Information Sciences
2003-2004 Dr. Marilyn Hart, Biological Sciences Ms. Cindy Flitter, Physics & Astronomy
2002-2003 Dr. Terry Salerno, Chemistry & Geology Ms. Dianne Robbins, Chemistry & Geology
2001-2003 Dr. John Thoemke, Chemistry & Geology Mr. John Caven, Electrical & Computer Engr/Tech
2000-2001 Dr. Bruce Jones, Automotive & Manufacturing Engr/Tech Ms. Skye Dauer, Mathematics & Statistics



Excellence in Faculty Service


Dr. Marie Pomije, Biological Sciences and

Mr. Jimmy Thorne, Mathematics and Statistics