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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Faculty Research Areas of Expertise

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Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering Technology - Dr. Bruce Jones, Chair
Dr. Kuldeep Agarwal Design and analysis of manufacturing processes for enhanced product performance. The various processes include forging, rolling, injection molding, additive manufacturing, surface modifications etc. The applications include aerospace, automotive, renewable energy and bio-medical areas.
Dr. Bruce Jones Alternative fuels for internal combustion engines
Dr. Gary Mead Automotive diagnostics and emissions
Dr. Harry Petersen Manufacturing technology, rapid prototyping, transportation engineering (railroad and highway), integrating transportation, logistics, and supply chair management
Mr. Winston Sealy Design, parametric modeling, finite element analysis, metrology and additive manufacturing  
Biological Sciences - Dr. Penny Knoblich, Chair
Dr. Lois Anderson My responsibilities include assisting students inthe internship application process and coordinating internships for the respective programs.  I enjoy the interaction with students and welcome the opportunity to introduce others to the allied health professions.
Dr. Mike Bentley Image analysis of kidney vasculature and circulation in hypertension and other disease conditions
Dr. Rachel Cohen Behavioral neuroendocrinology; sex and seasonal differences; steroid hormone effects in the brain
Dr. Brad Cook Wetland ecosystem ecology including the effects of hydrologic connectivity and invasive plants on whole system structure and function
Dr. Geoffrey Goellner Polyglutamine (polyQ) proteins and neurodegenerative diseases
Dr. Marilyn Hart Functions of actin capping protein subunits in the murine myocardium; regulation of actin dynamics
Dr. Matthew Kaproth Research interests: genetics of trees under stress
Dr. Penny Knoblich Physiology of blood flow as it relates to hypertension; electrical stimulation to enhance blood flow in diabetic patients
Dr. John Krenz Ecology, evolution and behavior of animals
Dr. Allison Land
Molecular biology to study innat immunity to viral infections, host-pathogen interaction, and potential sequelae to infection including autoimmune diseases and cancer
Dr. Beth Lavoie Science Education: professional development, assessment, diverse cultures and problem solving
Dr. Gregg Marg Fermentation of lactic acid and its use as industrial feed stock
Dr. Steve Mercurio Toxicology of paraquat and prooxidant-induced inflammation; pesticide runoff determination; impact of tamoxifen on estrogen-induced endocrine disruption
Dr. Beth Proctor Assessing surface water quality and sources of pollution, using chemical (nutrients, etc.)and biological (invertebrates) monitoring
Dr. Chris Ruhland Effects of global climate change on Antarctic terrestrial ecosystems and the effects of ultraviolet light on plant production
Dr. Tim Secott Investigation of genes and molecular mechanisms used by pathogenic mycobacteria to initiate and establish intestinal infections in mammals
Dr. David Sharlin Thyroid hormone action in development; thyroid hormone transporters; auditory system development; thyroid disruptors (endocrine disruptors)
Dr. Brittany Smith Biology education
Dr. Bob Sorensen Invertebrate biology, especially the ecological and evolutionary interactions between animal parasites and their hosts
Dr. Dan Toma Genetics, particularly behavioral genetics of the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, and the honey bee, Apis Mellifera
Dr. Dorothy Wrigley Food borne pathogens; biofilms; development of immunological defenses
Chemistry and Geology - Dr. Mary Hadley, Chair
Dr. Lyudmyla Stackpool Synthesis and characterization of apatite like solid solutions
Dr. Brian Groh Development of new methods in organic and organometallic chemistry
Dr. Mary Hadley Lipid peroxidation (fat going rancid), factors affecting it, and its effects on living organisms
Dr. Bryce Hoppie Phosphorus biogeochemical cycles and nitrogen and carbon cycling in wetlands over geologic time
Dr. Steven Losh Ore deposits, petroleum, western U.S. geology, mechanical and geochemical effects of fluid flow in faults
Dr. Michael Lusch Methods for the synthesis of organic molecules, especially heterocyclic compounds, aryl diethyl phosphates, on solid supports, and metal catalyzed
Dr. Marie Pomije Inorganic/organometallic chemistry research with special interest in vapochromic materials
Dr. Jeffrey Pribyl Chemistry education issues related to teaching and learning chemistry as well as initiatives in incorporating guided inquiry and technology into the curriculum
Dr. Danae Quirk Dorr Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Jim Rife Investigation of soybean lipid metabolism as it relates to plant defense mechanisms
Dr. Theresa Salerno Biochemical analysis of plant inhibitor proteins and enzymes; use of PCR to study genetic differences
Dr. Dan Swart Environmental Chemistry
Dr. John Thoemke Physical chemistry of the environmental fate and transport of pollutant substances in aquatic systems
Dr. Trent Vorlicek Water chemistry, environmental chemistry and analytical chemistry
Dr. Chad Wittkop Investigation of Earth surface processes using a multidisciplinary approach that integrates geologic mapping, GIS, geochemical analysis, and stratigraphic studies. Practical applications of my work include aquifer protection, resource exploration, and assessment of flood and landslide hazards
Computer Information Science - Dr. Leon Tietz, Chair
Dr. Cyrus Azarbod Databases
Mr. Lee Cornell Academic preparation for computer science majors; computers in society
Dr. Allan Hart Software development, database, web-based applications
Dr. Guarionex Salivia Human-computer interaction
Dr. Mahbubur Syed Multimedia, networking and web applications
Dr. Leon Tietz Computer hardware; real-time and embedded systems; programming education
Dr. Christophe Veltsos Information Assurance, Information Security Audits, Information Privacy, Computer Forensics, Information Security Education, Smart Grid Privacy issues
Dr. Mike Wells Database, application programming, offshore outsourcing
Construction Management - Dr. Brian Wasserman, Chair
Dr. Scott Fee Sustainable (green) construction systems; construction management technology; classroom instructional technology; distance teaching and learning
Dr. Mohamed Diab Project performance and management, risk assessment and management, integrated project delivery methods, building and infrastructure sustainability, learning and teaching performance, and construction education.
Dr. Leah Roue BIN (Building Information Modeling), and working with and researching underrepresented populations.
Dr. Brian Wasserman Educational outcomes, internships, soil compaction, construction technology, project management, estimating and scheduling
Electrical and Computer Engineering and Technology - Dr. Vincent Winstead, Chair
Dr. Gale Allen Engineering education research to improve student learning in automation, communications, and electronics using hands-on and active learning with technologies that include software-defined-radio, simulation tools, programmable hardware, sensors, and LabVIEW-programmed RF equipment
Dr. Nannan He

Computer-aided software/hardware verification; applied formal methods; real-time/embedded systems; security of cyber-physical systems.

Dr. Tom Hendrickson Semiconductor devices and processes; advanced design concepts, sensors and applications
Dr. Han-Way Huang Embedded system design issue and microprocessor applications; digital system design
Dr. Muhammad Khaliq Design, fabrication, and characterization of microelectronic devices; gate dielectric scaling for ULSI technology; multimedia tools for microelectronics education
Dr. Julio Mandojana Real time programing with applications to control systems and digital signal processing
Dr. Puteri Megat Hamari Micorelectromechanical systems (MEMS), renewable energy, microelectronics
Dr. Vincent Winstead The application of model-based predictive control (MPC) methods to nonlinear optimization problems and the development of observer design methodologies for stochastic delay-differential systems; hybrid vehicle system design and micro-wind farm optimization; applied robotics projects
Dr. Vincent Zhang Silicon photonics, signal processing for phase modulated optical communication systems, and design automation softwares
Integrated Engineering - Dr. Rebecca Bates, Chair
Dr. Rebecca Bates Engineering and computer science education research belonging in STEM post-secondary education, automatic speech recognition and computational linguistics.
Dr. Les Flemming Robotics, reliability and control automation.
Dr. Dean Kelley Data structures, automata, algorithms
Dr. Jacob Swanson Internal combustion engines and emissions, gas-phase particle synthesis, instrumentation.
Mathematics and Statistics - Dr. Charlie Waters, Chair
Dr. Francis Hannick Algebra (rings with several objects); mathematics education
Dr. Jonathan Harper Developmental mathematics and mathematics education
Dr. In-Jae Kim Combinatorial matrix theory; compressive sampling; complex network theory; instrument development, decision making, and assessment/evaluation
Dr. Namyong Lee Partial differential equations and industrial mathematics
Dr. Brian Martensen Topology and dynamical systems
Dr. Hyekyung Min Stochastic processes and applied probability, financial mathematics, actuarial science
Dr. Mezbahur Rahman Applied statistics: data analysis, experimental design, statistical modeling, quality control, sampling, statistical inferences (parametric and non-parametric)
Dr. Deepak Sanjel Applied time series analysis, survival analysis, biostatistics, statistical computation and inferences
Dr. Dan Singer Algebraic combinatorics
Dr. Yea-Ling Tsao Mathematics education with emphasis on mathematical development of pre-service and in-service teachers
Dr. Chai-Chi Tung Several complex variables; analysis on complex spaces
Dr. Charles Waters Sign patterns
Dr. Han Wu Mathematical statistics and general statistical methods
Dr. Hongxia Yin Optimization and mathematical finance
Dr. Ruijun Zhao Mathematical biology; applied mathematics
Dr. Mark Zuiker Mathematics education with emphasis on high school age students, and structural equation modeling
Mechanical and Civil Engineering - Dr. Patrick Tebbe, Chair
Dr. Aaron Budge Geotechnical engineering, deep foundation field monitoring and design, pavement subgrade evaluation and related
Dr. Stephen Druschel Factor evaluatiion of biological and geological characteristics to improve public health, protect water supplies and sequestor harmful chemical and biologic agents; biogeochemical and statistical determination of monitored natural attenuation for contaminant degradation; wetland restoration for nutrient removal, species diversification and water quality improvement; control of microbiological growth in storm water management features; growndwater remediation from chlorinated solvents, nutrients, hard rock blasting agents and explosives
Dr. Charles Johnson Dynamic systems, mechatronics and engineering education
Dr. Sungwon Kim Controlled synthesis of carbon nanotubes for thermal applications;engineering education with emphasis on student retention related issues
Dr. Saeed Moaveni Research in thermal/fluid area with emphasis on inverse problems
Dr. Vojin Nikolic Fluid mechanics with emphasis on aerodynamics and aircraft design for both low and high speed flight
Dr. Deb Nykanen Rainfall and soil moisture variability, hydrologic modeling, land-atmosphere interactions, scale issues, and remote sensing applications
Dr. Jin Park Experimental and computational mechanics of solids, fatigue and fracture mechanics, and polymer nano/microcomposite materials
Dr. Farhad Reza Nondestructive strength evaluation and health monitoring of structures; performance-based design for new and rehabilitated concrete pavements
Dr. Patrick Tebbe Energy systems and HVAC, thermal systems, engineering education
Dr. Jim Wilde Concrete and cement materials, pavement systems
Physics and Astronomy - Dr. Youwen Xu, Chair
Dr. Tom Brown Exploration of how modern models of learning and concemtual change can be use dto identify barriers to student success in physics and science
Dr. Paul Eskridge Extragalactic research with emphasis on stellar content, interstellar gas, and chemical abundances in galaxies; galaxy evolution
Dr. Steve Kipp Astrometry, galactic structure, popular astronomy
Dr. Igor Kogoutiouk Theoretical study of the kinetic and optical properties of the materials with strong electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions
Dr. Russ Palma Space physics; the study of noble gases in extraterrestrial materials; cosmochemistry and participation in NASA sample return missions
Dr. Mark Pickar Nuclear physics
Dr. Andrew Roberts Applied nuclear physics; accelerator production of short lived radioisotopes for medical imaging research
Dr. Hai-Sheng Wu Organic light emitting devices-OLEDs; OLED-based chemical and biological sensors
Dr. Youwen Xu Superconductivity and magnetism of permanent magnets