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MSU Mankato College of Science, Engineering and Technology
Recovered Facilities and Administrative Costs Policy

Principles for the use of Recovered Facilities and Administrative costs:

Current Minnesota State University Mankato policy returns between 40-50% of recovered Facilities and Administrative costs (F&A), informally called “indirects” or “indirect costs,” to the college that generated the F&A.

Of the portion of F&A not returned to colleges, the University supports:

·       Research and Sponsored Programs (RASP) pre-award and post-award functions and staffing;

·       Library Services for research support and resources;

·       Finance and Administration for post-award support.

This distribution formula and policy is further explained on the RASP office Indirect Costs webpage.

The College of Science, Engineering and Technology’s goal and purpose of recovered F&A funds is to reinvest in the college’s research environment and enhance our research capabilities.  The College therefore further distributes its portion of F&A as follows (see “Use of Funds” section of University policy for allowable expenditures for such funds):

·       20% to the Principle Investigator/Director of the project generating the funds; and

·       20% to the departments/units of the PI related to awards that generated the funds.

The remaining 60% of the funds will be available at the Dean's discretion with the following priority areas:

·       Incentive funds to encourage development of proposals for external funding.

·       Matching money for proposals/awards that generate F&A.

·       Faculty and Student Travel for dissemination of research results.

·       Collaborative interdisciplinary research efforts that advance the College Research priorities and student research opportunities.

·       Equipment repair and other unexpected costs associated to research activity and capabilities.

·       Software costs associated to research and in support on enhancing our capabilities.

·       Reimbursement to units for approved communications and supply costs directly related to awards that generated F&A.

In most cases, and whenever possible, PIs requesting use of funds from the college portion of F&A should do so in the planning stages of the grant and prior to submitting the [PDF] CAEFP (295 KiB).  Experienced researchers should plan, as permitted by the funding agency, to fund any release time for grant activities within the grant budget or using the PI portion of indirects.  Additionally, PIs seeking a variance or waiver to the university’s indirect rates should observe policy (see “Policy on Variances or Waiver of F&A Costs” section) and procedures (see “Scenarios” section) outlined at the RASP website and consult with the dean prior to submission of the [PDF] CAEFP (295 KiB).

The College of Science, Engineering and Technology Director of College Operations will work with awardees on the allocation, monitoring, use and reporting of their portion of the distribution of F&A funds[*]. Departments are asked to report their policies and procedures for their portion of the distribution as well.  In most cases, the department simply allocates their portion to the PI related to the award generating the F&A.

For more information or questions, please contact the Director of College Operations.