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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Chair's Message

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Rebecca Bates

Thank you for coming to learn more about Integrated Engineering and our innovative engineering education programs.  I invite you to explore our webpages and visit our facilities in Virginia, MN and Bloomington, MN.  Iron Range Engineering came about because a group of educators wanted to create a learning program that took into account the "new" engineering accreditation standards and forty years of research on how people learn.  The result was a program that lets students learn engineering by doing engineering.  Coming to our program with a lower-division foundation of math, science, engineering fundamentals and general education, our students work on four significant projects, typically connected to industry needs, over their last four semesters. 

Our project-based learning approach lets students combine their professional, technical and engineering design learning.  We emphasize ethics, entrepreneurship and collaboration across our programs.  We start with values of individual student ownership, community, and communication to allow our students the space to be self-motivated and self-directed in their learning, while being supported by the larger group.  We employ regular reflection, for both students and faculty, to continuously improve individual learning and our programs.

Our value of community is practiced every day as we partner with community colleges and industry collaborators to support student learning.  We have expanded our programs to include Twin Cities Engineering, modeled closely after Iron Range Engineering and keeping true to our values.

We think this is a great way to learn!  Please contact us if you want to learn more or become a partner, whether as a student, practicing engineer, company, or community member.

Becky Bates, PhD
Department Chair