Dynamic Systems Labs

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Dynamic Systems Labs

Dynamic Systems experiments are conducted in the Controls Laboratory and the Vibrations Laboratory.

The Controls Lab is currently dedicated to undergraduate instruction. The equipment in the lab consists of DC motors, power supplies, power amplifiers, operational amplifiers, PID controllers, function generators, and oscilloscopes. In this lab students learn to: characterize systems; design controllers to meet prescribed system specifications; and implement their design and test the overall system for conformance to the prescribed system specifications.

In the Vibration Lab students investigate physical systems. Experiments include: observing frequency response of a system, determining natural frequencies and mode shapes of systems and measuring the effect of a vibration absorber. Motion is caused by motors, shakers or hammers acting on a variety of structures. Measurement of motion is made with piezoelectric accelerometers. Students also use signal processing equipment such as filters and a Fourier analyzer. In addition to the structural vibration capabilities, the laboratory also contains basic sound measurement instruments.

Dynamic Systems Labstest