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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Thermodynamics Lab

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Thermodynamics LabThermodynamics Lab

Thermodynamics Experiments

Heating Value of Fuels Measurement Bench

Students will apply the principles of thermodynamics to the measurement of heating values for fuels. Procedures for both liquid/solid and gaseous fuels will utilized and results compared to standardized values.

Internal Combustion Engine (Diesel) Test Bench

Students will be familiarized with the measurement of common combustion engine factors, including SFC, bmep, nvol , AFR, bhp, and nth . The effect of varying load and throttle settings will be examined and performance data will be gathered.

Nozzle Pressure Distribution Apparatus (Compressible Flow)

Students will be introduced to the phenomena of choking and nozzle pressure distributions for compressible flows. The pressure distribution along the length of a nozzle will be determined. Experimental data will be examined to determine if choked flow occurs and if a shock wave is present in the nozzle.

Vapor Compression Refrigeration Test Bench

Students will become familiar with the operation of an actual refrigeration system. The relationships between key variables in the refrigeration cycle will be explored. A coefficient of performance will be experimentally determined and compared to theoretical values for an ideal cycle.