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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Fluid Power Lab

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Fuild Power Lab

The Fluid Power Laboratory (FPL) is designed to provide hands-on experience and practical applications using fluid power systems as well as advanced education, research, and service to understand fluid power system performance. 


Located in Nelson Hall, the FLP is used by both the Automotive Engineering Technology and Manufacturing Engineering Technology Programs. As a fundamental component of the AET 334 Fluid Power course, open lab exercises are conducted each semester. These lab exercises are designed to provide hands-on experience in the fundamental principles of fluid power, along with a practical working knowledge of the components used in designing, installing, and operating hydraulic and pneumatic fluid power systems.


The FPL allows students to achieve core competences in designing hydraulics and/or pneumatics systems and solve important engineering problems. Students learn important new technology trends by modeling, simulating, testing, and validating prototypes that support fluid power systems applications.


Students engage in hands-on projects using an Educational Fluid Power Bench and Automation Studio Software to design and analyze the hydraulic and/or pneumatic circuit, which enhances their understanding of the functionality of all components within the fluid power system.


Students can develop and simulate the fluid power systems including pumps/compressors, cylinders/actuators, motors, valves and other components. They construct studies using Automation Studio Software and explore event–driven simulation capabilities and offline performance for fluid power system integration.