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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Current Students

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Links for Current Students in Physics and Astronomy Classes

Need help with physics problems?

The department has a physics tutoring room, staffed more than 12 hours a week by physics faculty during fall and spring semesters. (See the tutoring room schedule.) Students in 100- and 200-level physics courses are encouraged to go to the room to seek help from a physics professor: ask questions about physics homework, and discuss physics problems with the faculty and other students present.

Trying to locate your professor or advisor?

The offices of all faculty in the Department of Physics and Astronomy are located in Trafton Science Center, North. The Physics and Astronomy faculty web pages include contact information and schedules for the current term, showing the times when faculty are in class and the office hours when they are available for questions.

Thursday afternoon seminar

Go to a Physics and Astronomy Seminar! The speakers are either faculty from our own university, or professors and researchers from other universities. The topics are interesting and refreshments are provided.

Can't find the observatory?

Astronomy students trying to locate Standeford Observatory may find it easily, using the map in the link to the observatories.

Want to know more about physics research, what do physicists do, and physics graduate schools?

The American Physical Society – Physics news and current research

Physics Central – Physics in Action and Physics in Pictures

APS Physics – Spotlighting exceptional physics research

Physics Graduate Schools – Search for graduate programs in physics