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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Faculty Publications

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Selected Publications (under construction)

A.G. Dall'Asén, S. Dimas, S. Tyler, J.F. Johnston, T.R. Anderton, I.I. Ivans, J.M. Gerton, B.C. Bromley, S.J. Kenyon. "Mapping the composition of chondritic meteorite Northwest Africa 3118 with micro-Raman spectroscopy". Spectroscopy Letters 50,417-425 (2017).

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J.M. Méndez, A.G. Dall’Asén, B.G. Cooper, F. Goller. “Acquisition of an acoustic template enhances lateralization and temporal structure of song motor gestures”. Journal of Neurophysiology 104, 984-993 (2010).

D.K. Roper, W. Ahn, B. Taylor, A.G. Dall’Asén. “Enhanced spectral sensing by electromagnetic coupling with localized surface plasmons on subwavelength structures”. IEEE Sensors Journal 10, 531-540 (2010).

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R. L. Palma, R. Becker, R. O. Pepin, and D. J. Schlutter, "Irradiation records in regolith materials, II: Solar-wind and solar-energetic-particle components in helium, neon, and argon extracted from single lunar mineral grains and from the Kapoeta howardite by stepwise pulse-heating," Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 66, 2929-2958 (2002).

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