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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

URC Grants

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Undergraduate Reseach Center Grants

The URC offers three types of grants each semester: the Minnesota State Foundation Student Research Awards, Undergraduate Research Center Awards, and North Star STEM Alliance Awards.


  • The Minnesota State Foundation Student Research Awards are grants funded by the MSU Foundation.
  • Undergraduate Research Center Awards are awarded and funded by the URC.
  • North Star STEM Alliance Awards are grants awarded to students of underrepresented ethniticities at MSU.

More information can be found about these grants at the Undergraduate Research Center.


2016 Grant Recipients

CSET would like to offer our sincerest congratulations to those individuals who have received grants from the Undergraduate Research Center (URC) this year! These grants are very competitive, and students in CSET have received 27 of them. This is a very exciting opportunity, and we are certainly looking forward to seeing these students’ research. If you see anyone here that you know on this list, be sure to pass along your congratulations.

Automotive Manufacturing, Engineering, and Technology
Student(s) Grant Faculty Mentor(s) Project Title
John Ruprecht Foundation Kuldeep Agarwal Effect of binder saturation and sintering on stainless steel-hydorxyapatite biocomposite manufactured by 3D printing
Ryan T. Torell Foundation Gary Mead Carbon fiber driveline for MNSU FSAE team
Hee Jin Soh URC Shaheen Ahmed Ergonomics resarch and building a driving cockpit for FSAE
Justin Mitch Yang URC Gary Mead Emission testing wood-based heating systems
Joseph Doroff, Matt Kramer, Brady Brazle, Nathan Grotz, Grant Stoos URC Bruce Jones Hydrogen utility vehicle
Joshua Seaver URC Gary Mead High compression restricted engines


Biological Sciences
Student Grant Faculty Mentor(s) Project Title
Brooke Jones Foundation Geoffrey Goellner FAM1781B mRNA expression in the brain
Rachel Ascheman Foundation Timothy Secott

Effects of disinfectants on the viability of dormant mycrobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis

Alec Wright, Madison Burandt Foundation David Sharlin Are hypothyroidism-induced reductions in brain derived lgf1 due to reductions in serum growth hormone?
Reed R. Woyda  Foundation  Allison Land  Transcriptome analysis of Escherichia coli in response to specific lgY ghrough RNA-seq
 Natalie Moses  Foundation  David Sharlin  Quantifying cochlear nerve myelination in mice lacking thyroid hormone transporters
Hyejoo Kang  Foundation  Rachel Cohen The effects of DIO2 and DIO3 expression on seasonal reproduction of green alole lizard
Dakota Cooper, April Boucher-Zamzo  URC  Steve Mercurio  Effects of ethanol and B-sistosterol on pancreas and liver function in the mouse
 Prathibha Umeshi Mangedarage  URC  Mike Bentley Examining the aqueous outflow in c57JBL6 mice under scanning electron microsopy
Alyssa Lange  URC  Allison Land  Altered APOBEC3A expression in relation to APOBEC3B transcription regulation in cancer
Mehedi Hasan, Clenten Ndonwie  URC  Michael Bentley Connective tissue infiltration into three-dimensional printed stainless steel alloy


Chemistry & Geology
Student Grant Faculty Mentor(s) Project Title
Christian D. Piper  Foundation  Chad Wittkop Sourcing of glacial sediments by geochemical analysis
Madeline Straka  Foundation  Rebecca J. Moen Cardiac activator drug effects on myosin structure and function
 Daniel Crane  Foundation  Steven Losh Genesis of the magenta zone, NorthMet Copper-Nickel-PGE Deposit, Minnesota
Nicole Bean  Foundation Theresa Salerno Using total protein stain as a loading control for western blot analysis of SOD2
Aynura Berdyyeva  URC Lyudmyla Stackpool Comparison of isomorphous replacements and electrical properties in lead sodium vanate apatite


Electrical Engineering
Student Grant Faculty mentor Project Title
 Michael Hedin  Foundation  Xuanhui Wu Dual polarized substrate integrated waveguide
Adam Schultz URC Xuanhui Wu E-plane substrate integrated waveguide reflector antenna
Nibrasul Karim Nibras Sampath Senanayakalage URC Puteri Megat Hamari Power generation using footsteps



Integrated Engineering
Student Grant Faculty Mentor Project Title
 Michael Ganzer, Tien Pham  Foundation  Robert J. Sleezer Design of a high speed atomic force microscope


Physics and Astronomy
Student(s) Grant Faculty Mentor(s) Project Title
Donald Rudquist Foundation Analia Dall'Asen Structural characterization of carbonaceous meteorites by micro-Ramen spectroscopy
Jacob Buikkila, Wyatt Pouliot, Curran Couchman, Nicholas Miller Foundation Andrew Roberts Gamma radiation effects on mortality and fertility rates of drosophia melanogaster