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The College of Science, Engineering and Technology will provide quality undergraduate and graduate programs that foster student learning through a wide variety of instructional applications. This will be accomplished by:
  • Providing strong, discipline-based and interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate degree programs that are recognized and respected for their high quality by the many publics.
  • Providing degree programs that give students in-depth knowledge, inspire critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, oral and written communication skills and laboratory skills.
  • Providing a thorough understanding of the applications of their major as well as the ethical nature of the applications to societal needs.
  • Promoting a commitment to life-long learning through a variety of technologies and research tools so that each learner has the ability to maintain and adapt their knowledge base to new situations.
  • Continually assessing College programs so that each aspect of the College can document its intellectual growth and service to students.
  • Producing graduates that are recognized for their high quality and readiness to enter the workforce.
  • Providing faculty professional development opportunities that will enhance a life-long professional career of growth.
  • Providing an enriching and professionally relevant general education program that serves the needs of the non-science/engineering major.
  • Involving students in a variety of professional organizations so that faculty can mentor professional development prior to graduation.
  • Encouraging faculty to provide their professional expertise to our various publics.
  • Engaging interested students in science and mathematics education so that they can positively influence the development of young minds (K-12).
  • Encouraging College faculty to be involved in industry and government partnerships so that the faculty and their students will be involved in active learning.
  • Providing students a strong academic and career advising program.
  • Encouraging faculty to maintain a state-of-the-art program so that they are current on new technologies so that their students are globally competitive upon graduation.
  • Striving for an open style of management so that faculty, staff and students are active partners of the College.
  • Maintaining the investment in resources in the laboratories and structural facilities so that students are in a positive learning environment.
  • Encouraging each department within the College to continually adapt its curriculum to a constantly changing system of guidelines and calendars, with a constant eye toward serving the student.
  • Develop a stable growing source of funds and other support resources (e.g. scholarships and job opportunities) from industry, foundations and individuals.

The College goals listed above are long-term goals. In addition, the College will have Academic Year Goals for each academic year. These goals will be supportive of the academic year departmental goals.

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