Electrical Engineering (MS)

The Electrical and Computer Engineering and Technology Department offers programs leading to a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MS-EE). The MS-EE allows students to complete advanced study in various areas of electrical engineering. Students are able to complete the degree with a thesis, design project or alternate plan paper.

The program prepares students for various industry positions requiring or benefiting from additional competency in various areas of electrical engineering and can also provide a postgraduate degree suitable for those interested in pursuing a doctoral program in engineering.

The program is designed to serve the following

  • those engineers in business and industry who want to continue their formal engineering education at the postgraduate level
  • new engineering graduates who want to increase their depth of knowledge and develop an area of specialization
  • those graduates from other related science and engineering disciplines who want to broaden their backgrounds by pursuing engineering studies at the graduate level.

Students in this program are allowed flexibility in the design of their own program of study by choosing courses from Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation, Statistics, Chemistry and Computer Science. Courses from other programs may be utilized toward the degree if approved by the student’s graduate committee and advisor.

Current Catalog Year
Master of Science
Major / Total Credits
32 / 32

Program Requirements

Common Core

Application of EE computer modeling and simulation tools. Design of experiments, Taguchi methods, automated data acquisition, and analysis methods.

Prerequisites: none

Restricted Electives

Thesis Track - Thesis Track requires a total of 32 credits.

Design Project Track - Design Project Track requires a total of 32 credits.

Electrical Engineering Coursework - Choose 17 - 20 Credit(s). A limit of 6 credits combined can come from EE 695 and EE 677

Supporting Field Coursework - Choose 9 Credit(s).

Capstone Coursework - Choose 3 - 6 Credit(s). Design Project credits may be repeated.

Design project completion and design paper preparation.

Prerequisites: none

Alternate Plan Paper Track - Alternate Plan Paper Track requires a total of 34 credits.