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Manufacturing Engineering Technology

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The mission of the Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MET) degree program at Minnesota State Mankato, is to provide a broad-based education to enable graduates to enter a variety of globally competitive manufacturing careers to serve the needs of the citizens of Minnesota, and the world.

Your Future Opportunities

Obtaining a major in Manufacturing Engineering Technology prepares students for a variety of career opportunities.

Careers in this field

  • Industrial/Technical Sales
  • Line Supervisor
  • Manufacturing Specialist
  • Material Planners
  • Production Technologist

Department of Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering Technology

The Manufacturing Engineering Technology program is part of the Department of Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering Technology.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Science (BS)

The Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology prepares students with the managerial skills necessary to enter careers in process and systems design, manufacturing operations, maintenance, technical sales or service functions.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Minor

Check out the program requirements for minoring in Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Master of Science (MS)

The Manufacturing Engineering Technology MS is intended for students with an undergraduate degree in engineering technology or engineering who have a desire to obtain a specialized education in modern manufacturing.

Engineering Management, Professional Science Master's (PSM)

The program is designed to prepare students with the scientific and technical training necessary to advance and excel in industry, while simultaneously developing highly valued business skills.

Project Management, Graduate Certificate

Catalog and program requirements for Graduate Certificate in Project Management.

Quality Management Systems, Graduate Certificate

Program requirements for Graduate Certificate in Quality Management Systems.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology Faculty & Staff

Meet our Manufacturing Engineering Technology faculty and staff.