​Environmental Science Graduate

ENVR 540 (3) Environmental Regulations

This lecture course introduces students to major federal environmental statutes, including the Clean Water Act; Clean Air Act; Safe Drinking Water Act; Resource, Conservation and Recovery Act; CERCLA (Superfund); Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act; Toxic Substances Control Act; Endangered Species Act; and Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. In addition, several state of Minnesota environmental statutes will be discussed.

ENVR 550 (3) Environmental Pollution & Control
This is a lecture/lab course focusing on the sources and control of pollutants in air, soil, water, and groundwater. Hazardous waste treatment and the effects of pollutants on human health are also discussed.

ENVR 560 (4) Analysis of Pollutants
The is a lecture/lab class designed to give students "hands-on" experience with design and implementation of research projects coupled with the development of a research proposal. The class research project requires the collection and analysis of data. Quality control and Quality Assurance methods are emphasized.

ENVR 570 (3) Environmental Assessment
This lecture course introduces students to the National Environmental Policy Act and requirements for Environmental Impact Statements and Environmental Assessment Worksheets at the federal and state Level. Phase I Environmental Assessment of land and buildings, an International Perspective on Environmental Assessments, and Economic and Social Impact Assessment are also discussed.

ENVR 583 (1-2) Seminar
Each major will present a seminar on his/her research and also have the option to attend semester-long seminars on special topics.

ENVR 591 (1-2) In-Service

ENVR 619 (2-3) Selected Topics in Environmental Science

ENVR 677 (1-6) Individual Study
Individual Research Project.
Fall, Spring

ENVR 694 (1-2) Alternate Plan Paper
Fall, Spring

ENVR 698 (1-12) Internship
Experience in applied Environmental Sciences according to a prearranged training program.
Fall, Spring

ENVR 699 (1-6) Thesis
Fall, Spring