Medical Technology Undergraduate

MEDT 410 (1-10) Clinical Hematology I

Theory of blood cell formation; disease states; hemostasis, microscopic examination of blood/bone marrow films; practical experience with instruments and techniques which determine major hematologic and clotting parameters; quality control.

MEDT 411 (1-10) Clinical Immunohematology I
Major blood group systems; principles and procedures for antigen/antibody detection, identification; donor blood collection, preservation, processing; component therapy; transfusion reaction evaluation; Rh immune globulin; quality control.

MEDT 412 (1-10) Clinical Immunology I
Antigen/antibody structure function and interaction; basic principles and procedures of humoral and cellular immunology; performance and clinical correlation of serological testing; quality control.

MEDT 413 (1-10) Clinical Chemistry I
Identification and quantification of specific chemical substances in blood and body fluids by analytical techniques; clinical correlation with disease states; principles of instrumentation; data processing; toxicology; quality control.

MEDT 414 (1-10) Clinical Microbiology I
Theory and techniques of cultivation, isolation and identification of bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses; determination of sensitivity to antimicrobial agents; clinical correlation to disease states, asepis; environmental monitoring; quality control.

MEDT 415 (1-10) Clinical Microscopy I
Theory of renal function in health and disease; renal function tests including chemical and microscopic examination of urine; analysis of fecal specimens, gastric, spinal fluid and other body fluids; quality control.

MEDT 416 (1-10) Clinical Hematology II
A continuation of Clinical Hematology I

MEDT 417 (1-10) Clinical Immunohematology II
A continuation of Clinical Immunohematology I.

MEDT 418 (1-10) Clinical Chemistry II
A continuation of Clinical Chemistry I.

MEDT 419 (1-10) Clinical Microbiology II
A continuation of Clinical Microbiology I.

MEDT 420 (1-10) Clinical Microscopy II
A continuation of Clinical Microscopy I.

MEDT 499 (1-6) Individual Study
Related topics in medical technology