Dr. Cecilia Noecker, Assistant Professor

PhD | Faculty

Address: Office | 278 Trafton Science Center S
Phone: 507-389-1098
Email: cecilia.noecker@mnsu.edu


  • PhD, University of Washington, Genome Sciences
  • BA, St. Olaf College, Biology and Statistics

Research Interests

  • Genomics and ecology of mammalian gut microbes
  • Evolution of asaccharolytic metabolic pathways in gut microbes
  • Computational modeling and visualization of microbial metabolic networks

Research in my lab uses microbiology, genomics, and bioinformatics to uncover the lifestyles and ecological roles of diverse microbes living in and on humans and other animals. We are especially interested in gut microbes that have been overlooked because they grow slowly, metabolize unconventional nutrients, and/or are rarely found in urban human populations. We work to 1) describe their prevalence and evolution across environments and 2) analyze and model their growth and physiology. Hopefully, our findings will inform the design of microbiome-targeted therapeutics and the interpretation of microbiome differences in health and disease.

For more on current research projects, joining the lab, and other updates, please visit our lab website: https://noeckerlab.github.io 



At MSU Mankato I am teaching microbial physiology and genetics (BIOL 476/576), general microbiology (270), and molecular biology (479/579). My goal as a teacher is to foster in all students an appreciation for biological complexity, rigorous scientific thinking, and intellectual confidence in pursuit of their individual goals.

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