Dr. John Krenz, Professor

PhD | Faculty

Address: Office | 141 Trafton Science Center S
Phone: 507-389-5735
Email: john.krenz@mnsu.edu


  • PhD, University of Georgia

Research Interests

  • Ecology
  • Evolution
  • Behavior of animals

My group studies animal ecology, behavior, and evolution. Before coming to Minnesota State University, I worked on winter ecology of snowshoe hares, population genetics and mating strategies in the marbled salamander, the mole salamander, red-spotted newts, and the gray tree frog. While at MSU our research has included behavioral thermoregulation in South American lizards, genetic differentiation and mating behavior of skinks, food habits of bats, and mechanisms of orientation in turtles.  Research projects usually involve undergraduates and graduate students.

I teach sophomore-level general ecology, upper-level courses in evolution, animal behavior, and conservation, and a graduate seminar course. I also advise biology majors specializing in ecology and zoology.

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