Dr. Michael Bentley, Professor

PhD | Faculty

Address: Office | 343 Trafton Science Center S
Phone: 507-389-5730
Email: michael.bentley@mnsu.edu


  • PhD, University of Minnesota

Research Interests

  • Image analysis of kidney vasculature and circulation, in hypertension and other disease conditions

My research involves the use of imaging technology to study the vasculature of organs and tissues. Primarily I am interested in the vascular structure of the kidney and changes that occur during disease conditions. I am also studying the vasculature of other tissues such as the heart, the lung, the liver, the intestine and adipose. Much of my recent research has utilized microcomputed tomography, which provides a quantitative means to study vascular architecture in three dimensions. Other methodologies that I use are light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy.

The courses that I teach are primarily related to biomedical science. These courses include Human Anatomy, Neurobiology, Biology of Aging and Chronic Diseases, Biological Imaging, and Histology. Students who take these courses are planning professional careers in medicine and dentistry. Accordingly, I serve as an advisor for students following pre-medical and pre-dental programs.

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