What is RISEbio?

RISEbio is a National Science Foundation funded scholarship program that bridges social integration, vertical mentoring, and an authentic research experience to enhance student academic success.

RISEbio gives entering freshman interested in pursuing a degree in biology the opportunity to engage in real-world research with faculty and graduate students. RISEbio scholars also live together in a learning community during their first year and receive $2,500 in scholarship funds for their first three semesters ($7,500 total).

How does RISEbio work?

Prospective students submit an application to become a RISEbio scholar. If selected, you join the RISEbio learning community and select a research stream.

Although you will take the Introductory Biology sequence during your first year, you will exchange course-based laboratories with an authentic research experience. During your first semester, you will take a RISEbio specific research methods course followed by 2 semesters of authentic research. Program Next Steps facilitates additional research and scholarly activities to provide continued academic excellence and training.

What type of research is available?

RISEbio scholars have the option to join 1 of 2 research streams:

(1) Immunity and Cancer – Led by Dr. Allison Land, the Immunity and Cancer group is working to determine the mechanisms by which host immune proteins that mutagenize viral DNA are kept from damaging cellular genomic DNA

(2) Brain and Behavior – Led by Dr. Rachel Cohen, the Brain and Behavior group is working to identify novel genes expressed in the brain that control reproductive and aggressive behaviors.


Who qualifies to be a RISEbio Scholar?

To qualify for the RISEbio scholarship program, you must meet several criteria:

  • Demonstrated financial need
  • A minimum high-school GPA of 2.66 (3.0 preferred)
  • Meet minimum ACT sub-scores

Ready to apply?

Follow this link to apply through Scholarship Finder!


Contact the RISEbio coordinator, Dr. David Sharlin - david.sharlin@mnsu.edu

Visit our blog! http://risebio.mnsu.edu/