Academic Year Goals

Let us remember, we as teachers educate technologists to use and improve existing technology and engineers who design and research new concepts.

  1. We will review and refine as appropriate course outcomes for each of the departmental courses taught this year to support our ABET accreditation activities.
  2. We will revise course student opinion surveys and will provide these online for each department course to assist in curriculum refinement and accreditation requirements.
  3. We will work to increase faculty and student involvement in the Center for Pervasive Computing and Communication and will actively support the 3rd annual center meeting.
  4. We will work to increase research activities in the Force Science Research Center.
  5. We will continue working with industry in evaluating curriculum, exploring internship possibilities, and applied research opportunities.
  1. We will continue to require student design activities that are multidisciplinary and meet the requirements of our accreditation agencies.
  2. We will continue to recruit and provide materials to a diverse population.
  3. We will continue to recruitment efforts of both traditional and non-traditional students.
  1. We will review our course offerings and determine if any of them could be modified with appropriate support into a more distance friendly format - or to support asynchronous course delivery.
  2. We will evaluate the success of a distance friendly course format for on campus delivery.
  3. We will continue working with companies to explore the possibility and feasibility of developing customized training or degree programs.
  1. We will continue outreach activities with community schools and programs.
  2. We will continue making available materials in electronic format to allow easy access to our materials to enhance exposure to issues and requirements of engineering and technology degrees.
  3. We will continue to provide departmental recruiting presentations to other programs.