Current Students

2022 Junior Design Projects

Congratulations Graduates

Our ECET graduating students are landing engineering jobs, e.g., our Bachelor of Science (BS) students accepted offers from Xcel Energy, NASCETechnology, Trane Technology, H2O Innovation, Rolls-Royce Solutions America, AMD, Itron, IBM and many more. Our Master of Science Electrical Engineering (MSEE) student Olabode Ajayi will join Oracle as a Software Engineer, while Ebrima Marong will join Google in June 2022 after graduation. ECET BS graduates are receiving top offers from employers ranging from $100 to $140K and the top ECET MS graduates are receiving offers up to $170K. Congratulations to our graduating students, and we are sure with their knowledge and skills they will make great contributions to our society.

Automatic Litter Box

Our Automatic Cat Litter Box will be made with the intent of allowing the average consumer to have the ability to purchase a product and not invest hundreds of dollars into it. It will be ran through motors and a conveyor system that will automatically remove excrement left behind from the cats. Currently the costs for this product are $500 and we aim to get it made for less than $100.

Tracking Disc

  • Research: All
  • Prototyping: Aswathy
  • Software/Programming: Caden
  • 3D Modelling: Caden
  • Circuit design and Layout: Ty

Smart Pet Cage

The smart pet cage aims to facilitate the daily tasks of being a pet owner through automation.

Trans radio robotic prosthetic

Our solution to the problem statement includes designing a cost effective, lightweight, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and realistic robotic trans-radial prosthetic that could be produced for amputees who cannot afford more expensive solutions. The benefits offered by our solution would be a cheaper alternative to the expensive existing solutions and a more light-weight model. Our design differs from existing solutions because it will be produced using 3-D printing and Arduino microcontroller technology to reduce costs and decrease weight.