Computer Engineering Expansion

August 19, 2019 |

Our B.S. Computer Engineering (CE) (B.S.C.E.) program is growing very fast. The department has substantially redesigned the CE curriculum in Academic Year 2016/2017, and now it is a modern curriculum and continues to help with student’s recruitment and retention. A key new course, EE 390 smart sensor systems, has been developed by Dr. Huang. This is for the new Internet of Things (IoT) path. Another key new course EE 485 ASIC design is proposed by Dr. Hamari, and will be developed during Academic Year 2018/2019. This is for the other new CE path: ASIC chip design. Our B.S.C.E. is identified as one of two programs in the CSET college as a growth/reinvestment program in the Provost’s Strategic Budget Planning.

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