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Synopsys academic programs provide qualified university and research institutions access to the software tools and technology needed to prepare highly skilled graduates who can meet difficult challenges ranging from electronic and optical design to static analysis for software quality and security. Our technology enables future hardware and software engineers to deliver Smart, Secure Everything – from Silicon to Software.

Synopsys Design Systems tools are used in the following courses:

  • EE 484 — VLSI Design
  • EE 481 — VLSI Design Laboratory
  • EE 585 — VLSI Design (Graduate level)
  • EE 581 — VLSI Design Laboratory (Graduate Level)
  • EE 485 — ASIC Design

Faculty Point of Contact:

  • Dr. Puteri Megat Hamari, Trafton South 138, phone 507-389-1274

Technical Liaison: Mr. Denis Becker, Trafton East 126, phone 507-389-5617

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