Crosby Seminar Series: Andrew Clough

Thursday, February 3, 2022
4:00 PM - 4:50 PM
TRC 123

Surprises at the Nanoscale: Confinement and Interfacial Effects in Polymers 

Andrew Clough, Minnesota State University

It is well known that the material properties of polymer materials depend on the type of polymer used (chemical composition) along with other factors, such as the molecular weight of the polymer.  However, deviations from the expected bulk-like properties are observed in very thin polymer films and in materials where the length scales of domain regions become small.  Understanding the causes of these deviations from bulk-like properties is of interest not only from a fundamental standpoint, but is also of practical interest, allowing for the ability to further tailor the properties of polymer materials.  Applications include the use of polymer nanocomposites and copolymers in material production, polymer coatings, and processes where polymers confined to small length scales are used, such as in the production of microelectronic devices.  In this talk, I will present my research efforts prior to joining MNSU on confinement and interfacial effects in polymers, in particular the study of polymer thin films while a PhD student and tapered copolymers during my postdoctoral appointment, along with how this research can be continued here at MNSU. 

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