Lockheed Seminar Series: Maxwell Kuschel

Monday, January 31, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
TRC 122

Title: Groups, Colors, and Clusters: Exploring the Origins of Red and Dead Galaxies

Maxwell Kuschel, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Abstract: When the galaxies around us formed billions of years ago they were vast engines of star formation. Undergoing bursts of stars, merging with other galaxies, and spiraling through the structures of the cosmos they have since undergone billions of years of evolution. Now, when we look at these local galaxies today we see a striking difference from their first formation, many of our local galaxies no longer form stars, and haven't for millions of years. We are thus left with old stars and one question, how do you kill a galaxy? Research has shown the answer lies in many processes, feedback from supermassive blackholes, destabilizing from collisions, or the more indirect action of forming groups and clusters of galaxies. We will explore the role of groups in this grand scheme of galactic evolution, and how statistical analysis of the colors of these galaxies can tell us the primary source of billions of years of evolution.

Option on Zoom: https://minnstate.zoom.us/j/97008043612

Password Required: Available from Prof. Rutkowski

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