Physics Education Seminar

Thursday, November 18, 2021
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
TRC 123 and Zoom

Expanding Physics Advanced Laboratory to Enhance Experimental and Analytical Skills 

Presidential Teaching Scholar Fellowship Program 

Summer 2021 

Analía “Yanil” Dall’Asén, Ph.D., and Jorge Méndez, Ph.D. 

(Alphabetical order, equal contribution) 

The main goal of this teaching project was to upgrade the Phys 475W course (Advanced Laboratory) to give our students renewed and widely used tools for their future careers. Phys 475W is a challenging upper-level course that requires students to develop strong critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, scientific inquiry, capacity to work collaboratively with lab partners, experimental, theoretical and data analysis abilities, and written and oral communication skills. To reach our goal, we worked on expanding one experiment that we recently added to this course and on developing a new experiment that will be included in the Spring semester 2022. These two experiments involve the use of lasers which are optical systems extensivelyused for scientific, medical and technology applications (e.g., microscopy, spectroscopy, heat treatment, telecommunications, eye surgery, holography, and laser cutting). The comparison between both systems provides a better understanding of laser physics, which is not currently deeply covered in other courses of our curriculum. In this talk, we will explain how these experiments work, how we have developed them, what learning objectives and evaluations will be applied, how this project has enhanced our teaching, learning and scholarship, and how it will contribute to our students’ learning for their future careers in academia or industry. 


Option on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 922 1694 2516 
Passcode: 498082 


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