Crosby Seminar Series: Kameswara Mantha

Monday, April 18, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
TRC 122

Improving the Identification of Galaxy Collisions:
A Comprehensive Analysis of Tidal Debris using Hubble Space Telescope Observations, Theoretical Simulations, and Machine Learning 

Kameswara Mantha, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Abstract: Collisions between similar mass galaxies is called as galaxy merging. Large scale computer simulations and observational data (using ground and space-based telescopic images) suggests that the merging process plays a vital role in the stellar content growth of galaxies over their evolutionary history. However, robustly identifying merging galaxies in observational data is a challenging task, owing to the diffuse and transient behavior of merger-caused signatures (tidal features). In this talk, I will briefly discuss our efforts towards improving the identification and quantification of tidal features within deep Hubble Space Telescope images. I will also describe some key open questions related to the tidal feature properties and show some ongoing work to address them using machine learning. Finally, I will describe my current efforts at the UMN to better identify anomalous galaxies (including galaxy mergers) using novel deep learning techniques.

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