Physics professors awarded the Presidential Teaching Scholar Fellowship

August 27, 2021 |

Drs. Analía “Yanil” Dall’Asén and Jorge Méndez were awarded the Presidential Teaching Scholar Fellowship for Summer 2021 for their teaching project titled “Expanding Physics Advanced Laboratory to Enhance Experimental and Analytical Skills”.

The main goal of this project is to upgrade the Phys 475W course (Advanced Laboratory) by developing two experiments thatinvolve the use of two different laser systems: open-cavity helium-neon (He-Ne) laser, and semiconductor laser diode.

With this project our students will be able to learn more updated and stimulating theoretical, experimental and data analysis methods, in particular in the area of laser physics, which have countless applications in different disciplines (science, technology, engineering, medicine, etc.). They will learn how to build a laser system aligning optical components, use measuring devices, and analyze the obtained data with data analysis tools.

All of these are valuable skills that will be very useful for our students’ future careers in academia or industry.

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