Hagen wins AAS Chambliss Student Achievement Award

Presents research results on the evolution of Massive Galaxies

June 19, 2020 |

For the first time ever, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the American Astronomical Society's summer meeting was hosted entirely virtually.  Originally, the 236th meeting of the AAS conference was to be held in Madison, WI but travel and social distancing restrictions made an in-person conference impossible.

Attendance, particularly among junior researchers and students, nearly doubled as a result of the transition to online which meant that the afternoon poster sessions were much busier than in past AAS summer meetings.  On the first day of the meeting, Physics and Astronomy student Tyler Hagen (Class of 2021) presented a virtual poster to the conference on his research over the past year here at MNSU entitled "A potential role for wet minor mergers in the size-mass evolution of quiescent galaxies." In this work, Tyler worked with a team of astrophysicists at MNSU, CalTech/IPAC, and STScI to investigate the frequency of recent star formation in otherwise "dead" galaxies at high redshift.  This ongoing work was conducted as part of the UVCANDELS survey with the Hubble Space Telescope, the deepest, largest area ultraviolet survey of the universe which has ever been performed.

Typically, attendees will tour the poster gallery stopping to chat with authors when their interest is piqued.  Virtually, this was quite difficult, but through a combination of chat sessions within the virtual meeting software and zoom sessions, Tyler was able to communicate the results of his efforts to the attendants.   As a result of the high impact of his scientific results and the cogent explanations and thoughtful responses he was able to provide to the attendants, Tyler was recognized by the American Astronomical Society on June 18 2020 with Chambliss Student Achievement Award. Three awards were made to undergraduate student presentations at the 236th meeting, as well as two honorable mentions. In addition to the public recognition, Tyler will receive a medal from the Society (pictured). This recognition by the Society for his scientific efforts is a tremendous honor and the Department is exceptionally proud of Tyler Hagen.

Readers can view the full Press Release on the winners at the AAS website:  https://aas.org/posts/news/2020/06/chambliss-student-poster-awards-aas-236



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