Physics Majors present at URC 2020 Symposium

Seven Students Present Results of Recent Physics Research

April 21, 2020 |

As a result of the pandemic, the MNSU Undergraduate Research Symposium was virtually held this year with more than 100 undergraduates students from across the University presenting results from recent research they have conducted with faculty over the past year.  

The Physics and Astronomy Department was again well represented at this year's conference. This year, six posters were submitted, presenting results from research conducted by 11 undergraduate and graduate students from the Department.   This year's work showed the  campus community the breadth of natural science topics that physicists of all stripes conduct, including computer science, biophysics, astrophysics, and planetary science. 

Student work presented this year includes the following:

  • Undergraduate Samantha Gute presented their work on "Mini-Clusters as an Alternative to Supercomputers". 
  • Undergraduate Isaac Carter presented results from their work on "Effects of Particle Radiation on Living Samples".  This work was completed in collaboration with undergraduates Ayoola Okuribido, David Markiewic, and Samantha Gute, under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Roberts.

  • Senior Rohil Kayastha presented results from their research on "Thermal Metamorphism Study of Carbonaceous Chondritic Meteorites".  This work was completed in collaboration with two recent graduates of the Department, Masters student Rake Paul and Aaron Stokke under supervision of P&A Faculty Member Dr. Analía Dall'Asén.
    • Rohil planned to present this work at both the American Physical Society March meeting and the 2020 National Council on Undergraduate Research, but unfortunatley the pandemic has forced both of these meetings to be cancelled. This 2020 works extends and builds upon Rohil's research efforts in the Department. In 2019, his work entitled "Comparative Study of Carbonaceous Meteorites using Micro-Raman Spectroscopy and SEM/EDS was presented at NCUR meeting at Kennesaw State University.
  • Senior Conan Bock and Junior Mohamed Zakariya presented results from a study entitled "Laser-Induced Thermal Effect on the Raman Spectra of Carbonaceous Chondritic Meteorites". This work was completed with Rohil Kayastha, as well, under the supervision of P&A Faculty Member Dr. Analía Dall'Asén.   
    • Mohamed was also awarded funding to present this research at the 2020 NCUR conference, which unfortunately was cancelled due to Covid-19.
  • Senior Jamal Saeed presented results from a study entitled "Detection of Lyman-Continuum Emission from Distant Star-forming Galaxies". This work was completed under the supervision of P&A Faculty Member Dr. Michael Rutkowski.
    •  Jamal will continue this research during the Summer of 2020 with collaborators at Arizona State University and CalTech, in advance of future publication.
  • Junior Tyler Hagan presented results from a study entitled "Are early-type galaxies really “red and dead”? New far UV observations of passive galaxies in the UVCANDELS survey" This work was completed under the supervision of P&A Faculty Member Dr. Michael Rutkowski.  
    • Tyler will present a technical review of this work at the American Astronomical Society 236th Meeting, on behalf of the team.

Currently, these posters are being judged by community members and when results are announced we'll post the winning posters here electronically. We wish all of the presenters luck in the competition.  Stay tuned!

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