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Physics and Astronomy Annual Department Scholarship Awards

The Physics and Astronomy Department is pleased to award nearly 14,000$ in scholarships to exceptional students in the department.  These awards are supported by endowments from family and friends of the Department, and recipients are grateful for this continued financial support which enables us to acknowledge exceptional scholarly work by our students.  Each year, we award the following scholarships:

G.M. Wissink Endowed Physics Scholarship - Recognizing advanced students who have performed exceptionally well in math and physical science courses.

2019-2020 Recipients- Undergraduates: Jamal Saeed and Tyler Hagen

Glenn and Helen Erikson Endowed Physics Scholarship - Recognizing students who have performed exceptionally well in departmental coursework and have expressed an interest in a career in teaching Physics/Astronomy

2019-2020 Recipient- Graduate Student: Wasiu Erinoso

Leo V. Standeford Endowed Astronomy Scholarship - Recognizing students who have excelled in both physics and astronomy coursework and exhibited particular interests in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics

2019-2020 Recipient- Graduate Student: Jamal Saeed

Robert and Marsha Qualset Scholarship - Recognizing exceptional students in the Physics major

2019-2020 Recipients- Undergraduates: Lukas Halberg and Rohil Kayastha

Congratulations to all recipients and thank you to our donors for supporting these fantastic students!