Jackson Walters, Class of 2021

  • Why MNSU Physics?
    "I picked MNSU due to size and location: the small Physics/Astronomy program allows me to be better connected with the professors. Another huge bonus was the fact that we have two observatories on campus away from the main city"
  • Favorite Class?
    "This is a hard question since most of the classes in my major have been ones that I really enjoy. I really enjoyed Physics 441, Mechanics, because of the material and how I could apply it."
  • Any advice for students?
    "College is hard, but even if the classes get you down, remember why you were in it in the first place and that will keep you going."
  • How do you take a break from physics?
    "I'm an officer in M.A.S.S (Mavericks Atheists/Agnostics Secular Students) which, as the name suggests, is an RSO for skeptics and other people who consider themselves atheist or agnostic, and everything in between. I am also in the Physics/Astronomy Club. Outside of school I enjoy playing video games, listening to music, watching movies/TV, playing Dungeons and Dragons and stargazing."
  • Jackson is currently an observatory assistant at the Andreas Observatory and adds:
    "I really enjoy having the ability to use the 10' telescopes and point it to anything that we please. We have the control and ability to look into the past and see things as they were. I love being able to tell people who are interested in astronomy interesting facts about the things that they look at."