Kalynn Chang, Class of 2021

  • Where are you from? 
    "I'm originally Montana, but I consider Rapid City, South Dakota my home."
  • Why MNSU?
    "I wanted to get away to gain a little independence, but not too far or throw myself into too much debt, so Mankato was perfect!"
  • Toughest class?
    "The hardest class for me is Partial Differential Equations as it demands a lot of attention from me and has a steep learning curve from Ordinary Differential Equations."
  • Favorite class?
    "My favorite class in the physics major has got to be Modern Physics 2 specifically with Dr. Roberts as it was engaging and encouraged my mind as a future physicist."
  • Advice for other students and majors?
    "I still need to take my own advice, but talk to your teachers and peers and get to know them! Don't be afraid to talk about what you're struggling with and go to class!"