Jamal Saeed, Class of 2020

    • Hometown?:
      "I am originally from Bahawalpur, Pakistan and I have lived in multiple cities in different countries."
    • Why Physics?:
      "Ever since I was young, I have been curious about the origin of stars, life and everything else around me. This curiosity led me to pursue physics so that I can comprehend the beauty of the universe."
    • Favorite Class?
      "That's a hard question!  A few of my favorite classes are mechanics, modern physics, astrophysics, observational astronomy, anthropology, computer science, and music."
    • Jamal is the senior observatory assistant at Standeford Observatory and says of that position:

      "I love it...I get paid for doing things I love to do. I grew up passionately watching the night sky and wondering about the stars, their patterns and their origin. To get to enjoy the night sky and interact with the visitors who come to observe the stars is a wonderful experience as well."

    • Plans after graduation?:
      "I plan to pursue a doctorate degree so that I can make a significant contribution to science and humanity."

    • Any advice for students?
      "Don’t ever hesitate to ask for help."