Meredith Rupp

  • What's your hometown?

    "I am originally from Granite Falls, MN."

  • Where did you do your undergraduate work?
    "After high school, I went to Alexandria Technical and Community College and earned an Associate in Arts degree. Then I transferred to St. Cloud State University where I earned a BS in Physics with an emphasis in Astronomy and a minor in Mathematics."

  • Have you had a favorite class here?
    "My favorite class was Computer Applications (Phys 565) with Dr. Mendez."

  • Any advice for new students or undergraduates?
    "Take the time to do your homework. It’s very easy to copy down solutions, especially since they’re so widely available now, but you do not learn the material by copying it down. And while copying may save time, you will be completely unprepared for exams."

  • What research are you doing for your thesis?
    "I am just beginning to study the formation and evolution of polar-ring galaxies with Dr. Eskridge."