SURE Program

The Summer Undergraduate Research Experiment (SURE) Program, in response to COVID, attempts to encourage a foundation for research, engaging students and faculty in smaller scale experiments that can be conducted from home. Participating faculty members are given a small budget to obtain and ship supplies for scaled down research experiments to a group of 2-3 students.  The experiments are related to transportation, infrastructure and energy and are formulated so that they can be expanded to a possible larger scale research project the following academic year. SURE groups present their results via zoom at the end of the summer with plans to continue on with research and present at NCUR this coming year. 

The goal is to continue the SURE program to foster research experience with both undergraduate students and faculty while building relationships with industry individuals and communities.  We would love the opportunity to grow SURE and include experiments to examine, investigate or help provide solutions to the engineering needs of local communities or companies.  If you would like to discuss an experiment idea or contribute to the funding of research, please contact us